Women's Custom Snapcode T-Shirt

SoPac University

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How you can use them

If you want to get those your meet to follow you then you need to show everyone your Snapcode. With a Snapcode t-shirt your Snapcode stands out making it more likely people will add you. It can be awkward to ask someone to add you on Snapchat. Our products guarantee people will notice your Snapcode, making them more likely to scan it.

It’s also a handy conversation starter!


Simply ask those you meet to scan your t-shirt with their Snapchat camera (note: you may have to pull the wrinkles outwards with your hands for it to scan).

We guarantee you’ll get new followers or your money back!


To scan simply:

1. Open Snapchat

2. Point your camera at code

3. Hold screen with finger

4. Boom! It will ask if you want to add that Snapchatter



100% cotton

Ethical trade and justice for workers

If washed incorrectly the Snapcode may be too damaged to function

Slim fit (but go for a size up if that’s not your thing)


Where you can use them

  • Conventions
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Meetups
  • Bars