Snap Chat Training

Snap Chat Training


Come and join me live for an interactive community setting to dive in and learn more about how you can utilize Snapchat to help grow your business!!

What: SuperSnapSaturday 

When: 1st Saturday of the Month

Where: 90 minute Online Group Training via Live Streaming Video !

Why: I am offering the chance for TRUE ADVANCEMENTwithin your digitally social career.  Announcing the arrival of Snapchat for BUSINESS training classes!
Who: For those looking to take their future to the next level, SNAPCHAT for B2B MARKETING is the start!  It will be through a live-streaming app too, so you will also be intergrated into one of the most uncharted areas found in these professional networking systems, then thru data analysis and identifying synchronicities across industries!

Social media is revolutionizing the way we communicate and now is the prime opportunity to hyper grow an audience around purpose was SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING; whether it's Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram all of these platforms are creating powerful paths directly leading people to their passions. 

Save your Spot below to take advantage of one, a couple, or all of these LIFE changing programs while still at a DISCOUNTED RATE!!
On-site Live training sessions and video streaming group trainings can be scheduled privately via this link at a rate of $125/hour per person.

Other Snap@Work products & services include strategy skills workshops, prospecting & networking, speaking engagements, panel representation, social impact mastermind membership, small business team building workshops, large group presentations, half/full day corporate workshops, large audience presentations, as well as international keynote speaker.


Ready to find out what all the Snapchat commotion is about?

Are you looking to invest in the future of social media and step up to the next level?

Then this is an exclusive & elusive e-course you won't want to miss!! Watch live via streaming video, catch the broadcasted replay, & engage with your peers through innovative technology & integrate your digital online brand with your offline professional brand into one of the most uncharted areas found in today's professional social networking platforms.

What are you trying to achieve by offering this course?

Snapchat made easy!

What are your clients hungry to know more about within your course...

Who is on Snapchat?
Why you should join?
What can you do with Snapchat?
Where you can implement?

Snapchat in your daily business routine. How am I qualified? -

After growing an organic audience on LinkedIn of over 3000 in just a matter of months I started my own social media company; SoPac, Inc. --> SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING and began utilizing Snapchat more and more to learn from other established social media influencers...

Flagship Course -
12 modules
6-10 modules
4-5 modules

Get up to speed in a snap ---> from everything that could be known ---> to everything you Need to Know!!

Learner outcomes: Feeling confident about using snapchat for professional reasons:
1. Growing your own audience and expanding your growth
2. Connecting with other Snapchatters through consuming content and engaging.
3. Reaching out and prospecting the snapchat market for ideal target consumers for your product.

What will you be able to accomplish after a SuperSnapSaturday training?

Intro to Snapchat
- Create an account
- Taking a Snap
- Adding Friends
- Sending Snaps to Friends
- Snap Story
- Sharing your Snapcode

Storytelling on Snapchat
- Engagement Driving
- Entertainment
- Educational
- Emotional
- Exclusive

Personal branding on Snapchat
- Personality
- Passion
- Perspective
- Persistence
- Perseverance
- Patience

Brand Development
- Bitmoji
- Graphic & emoji use
- Using Geofilters
- Creating geofilters
- Brand identity

Prospecting and Networking
- Consuming > Creating
- Create contextual content
- Converse within your community
- Communication as an art
- Authenticity
- Relevancy
- Transparency


Snapchat Advertising
- Facebook ads
- Twitter Chats
- Interactive Contests
- Cross- promotion
- Promotional products

Snapchat Marketing
- Snapcode profile
- Snapchat centric headers
- Snapchat lingo
- Strategic social sharing
- Exclusive content
- Elusive sneak peaks

Community building
- Omni presence
- Online Digital consistency
- Brand synchronicity
- Visually appealing
- Interactive video sharing
- Group chat/ storytelling engagement
- Collaborative content