SoPacU- Educate, Elevate, & Engagement Social Mastermind

Social media integration for growing businesses to build a loyal and engaged community organically grown via personalized target- marketing through storytelling. Establishing a realistic ad campaign on social platforms for users of all aspects, all experience levels, and any industry can reep the benefits of Embracing the digital generation as a social economy creates long lasting relationships between customers and brands which last a lifetime.
--- Leveraging Social to Grow Professionally with Personal Branding 
For the digitally savvy social entrepreneurs and small-business owners wanting to level up their social presence and grow their business by actively building community and embracing people for doing what they love. New social media managers, photographers, video, audio, fashion, real estate, sales, entrepreneurs .... it will all work ... just so long as you're ready to put in the work!
This is not a place to come and dish out 1000 cards hoping to land a business deal or pitch a network marketing group... we're about building people up to organically brand our businesses with roots meant for an all-time legacy
This is not meant to be a waste of time thus the exclusivity: Membership will not be granted to those that cannot pull their weight or bring their A game to the table, must value camaraderie and collaboration before competition, the level of time & participation will be at the individual members discretion based on their time availability.
We're not making anybody do anything they don't want to do but we also expect people to do what they say they're going to do. What's better than good ole growthhacking to beat the system at your clients benefit and join us in showing The market just what the ROI actually is on community building and actual engagement!

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